Cooperation with an art gallery bears the hallmarks of a business relationship. The artist establishes a cooperation from which both parties are to derive financial benefits. For this purpose, he prepares selected artworks, and the gallery supports him in selling them. How to start cooperation with an art gallery?

Cooperation with an art gallery - for whom?

The art gallery cooperates with artists who create works of various types. This applies to paintings and sculptures, as well as jewelery, ceramics and applied arts. The gallery repurchases their artworks or exhibits them and charges a commission if they are successfully sold. Depending on the nature of the gallery and its target group, various artists can count on starting cooperation. Before applying to a specific place, artists should check whether a given art gallery is exhibiting artworks in the style they represent.

Both experienced and novice artists can start cooperation with an art gallery. There is no rigid framework for creators who would like to sell their works and earn money from art this way. It is only important to interest the owner of the gallery in his artworks and plans for further creativity.

How to make an art gallery interested in your artwork?

Artists interested in working with an art gallery should first of all present their artworks. However, their quality is not the only determinant of establishing a business relationship. It is equally important to convey the idea of ​​your creativity and the techniques used in it. The creator of the gallery should hear where the artist draws inspiration from and what he wants to tell through his paintings, sculptures or drawings. Thanks to this, the gallery can determine whether cooperation with a given artist will enable it to attract new customers and increase the level of sales.

In the case of cooperation with an art gallery, self-presentation is also important. Self-presentation consists in presenting your own artistic vision, your interests and passions, views, etc. On this basis, the owner of the art gallery assesses whether the business relationship can be successful. He is also interested in the question of the price of the artworks that the artist wants to resell or exhibit and wait for them to be sold with a commission.

If the art gallery is not interested in cooperating, it is not worth getting discouraged. It is worth visiting other places and presenting your work there. In this way, you can not only improve your work, but also your self-presentation skills. It is essential if you are serious about an artist's career.

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