Anyone can visit the art gallery. Depending on its nature, you can see expensive artworks belonging to private collectors or artworks of less known, contemporary artists who are taking their first steps in the world of art. People interested in admiring art and buying new paintings, drawings or sculptures come to the gallery. What artworks are presented in the art gallery?

Art gallery profile

The type of artworks presented in an art gallery depends primarily on the profile of the gallery owner. It can contain paintings, sculptures, drawings or applied arts from the ancient, medieval or modern era. A profile may as well focus on artworks from a specific part of the world. The art gallery in this case presents artworks made, for example, by French painters or Balkan folk artists. Thanks to such diversity, visitors to the gallery know what works are waiting for them inside and what to expect when they enter the gallery.

The profile adopted by the art gallery should be clear and understandable to visitors. It cannot be too wide, because in such a situation the interior of the gallery will be filled with works that are not related to each other in any way. The gallery will lose its character and will resemble a decoration shop. It will cease to be a place where one comes into contact with art and one has adequate space for its interpretation. Depending on the type of artworks, the gallery should be in a place suitable for the target group of visitors. Contemporary art is often presented in public and frequently visited places. Exclusive collections for sale appear in places where the discretion and privacy of customers is taken care of.

Art gallery and the type of artworks

The art gallery can present both the paintings themselves and completely different artworks. The exhibitions also feature sculptures, drawings and sketches, linocuts, ceramics, and jewelry. Additionally, galleries decide to exhibit applied art. The galleries display original furniture, kitchen utensils and other items that have a functional function and at the same time bear the hallmarks of art.

The type of artworks that appear in the art gallery is not strictly defined. New artists can present contemporary forms with the use of previously non-existent techniques. Art is constantly changing, therefore the works in galleries change with it, presenting the spirit of the passing time.

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