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The purchase or sale of paintings is the daily bread of collectors. Auctions of artworks, which are organized by professionals, offer the possibility to expand your collections. Is it worth participating in them and why? There are at least a few reasons for this - here are the most important ones!

Paintings auctions, the best way to expand your collection

Auctions of artworks organized in a professional manner and by experienced specialists are very popular among collectors. What it comes from? First of all, from the safety and great opportunities related to expanding the collection. Why is paintings auctions a good idea?

1. You know what you are buying. When using the auction of artworks, you do not have to worry, for example, that you will buy a painting that is not original or its condition differs from the declared one. All the auctioned works are carefully photographed and described, and in some cases (e.g. with us) you can watch them live - even in your home or office!

2. You broaden your horizons and knowledge. Art auctions have not only commercial but also cultural value. During them, you can get to know pictures and other unique creations that you did not know about before or with which you had no opportunity to experience "live". Thanks to this, you gain knowledge and broaden your horizons.

3. You have access to the calendar and auction history. Professional auction houses like Artbidy give you access to the auction calendar so you won't miss an important event. Moreover, previous auctions are documented and you can get acquainted with their history.

4. You can use the help of specialists. If you are going to auction your work of art, but you are not sure how much it is worth or whether it is profitable at all, you have the option of using the help of experts. They will also help to determine the author of the artwork or the period of its creation!

5. See artworks anywhere. As we mentioned earlier, you can see the objects that our auction house offers at any place and time, which significantly affects your comfort and transaction security.

Where to go to art auctions?

Taking part in an art auction is a great idea - whether you're interested in purchasing an artwork or selling paintings. However, it is worth using the offers of proven auction houses that comprehensively care for their customers.

We invite you to auctions of artworks in Artbidy - in our auction house we perfectly know the needs and expectations of the most demanding collectors, which is why we ensure maximum comfort and security of transactions. Specialists are available to help you, and thanks to the large number of auctions we organize each year, you will certainly find something for yourself. And you will effectively expand your collection!

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