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#ID 2538

Children | Artist: Wlastimil Hofman | 2538

Children, 1930

Technique : oil/plywood
Dimensions : 36 x 46 cm
Status: Gallery offer sold
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Wlastimil Hofman

"Children", beautiful work by Wlastimil Hofman who is one of the most important Polish symbolist painters made in the best period of the artist's work, i.e. 1930s. Oil/plywood, size 24 x 34,5 cm, together with the frame 36 x 46 cm. In the bottom left corner along the edge handwritten, personal signature of the artist "Wlastimil Hofman". On the back provenance stickers from the Israeli Auction House and a sticker with a certificate of authenticity issued by the Sopot Auction House. Excellent condition of the painting, original frame from the 1930s. The artist is cited together with his master Jacek Malczewski as the one who created the Polish iconography of symbolic and allegorical representations. The themes of Hofman's paintings are the beauty of the human body and its transience confronted with childhood and lush youth. Hofman's paintings are in constant and huge demand, the works can double their material value from year to year.