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With the arrival of autumn, many people want to decorate their interiors to suit the aura. Typical colours that we can use for this purpose are browns, reds, oranges, yellows, golds and greens. In this article, we will provide some information on the use of these colours in the home, as well as some suggestions for paintings from Artbidy's range of autumn colours.


Yellow is usually associated with joy and optimism. In the interior, it can positively affect concentration and stimulate action. However, it should be used in moderation, otherwise, it can cause irritation and annoyance. Our proposal for a painting with the colour yellow is the work of Piotr Paraniak entitled  "Polish Hamlet". It was made in oil technique on canvas and has the following dimensions: 40 x 30 cm


Shades of orange in our room can help reduce stress and set a positive attitude. Intriguingly, it is recommended for use in the dining room, as it can also stimulate the appetite. It is worth remembering that orange is quite a bold colour, so it is better to use it as an accent in the room. A very interesting proposal from our offer with an accent of orange colour is the work of Jaga Karkoszka:  "The year 2022 history is rolling" (oil on a panel covered with canvas, 34 x 30 cm).


Brown brings to mind the earth and nature. In colour psychology, it is a colour that gives a sense of stability and security. A painting in shades of brown that can beautifully fit into a cozy interior is a composition by Zdzislaw Majrowski-Meyro titled  "Desert Landscape". The work was painted in oil technique on canvas and measures 33 x 24 cm.


With the red in the interior, tenants should be motivated to take action and think positively. However, this colour used in excess can cause irritation. Our last suggestion in this list is a painting by Lukasz Jankiewicz. "In Search of Lost Color 5" is 150 x 100 cm, and it is an oil work on canvas.

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