Until 12 March 2023, it is possible to visit the excellent exhibition "Bosch and Another Renaissance" taking place at the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) in Milan. At the show, the viewer will see one hundred works of art, in addition to paintings by the master himself, works by Flemish, Italian and Spanish Renaissance artists. One of the main objectives of the event's creators is to show the many "faces" of the Renaissance.  

Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516)

Hieronymus Bosch was an eminent Dutch painter standing on the borderline between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. He created paintings that were mysterious, disturbing and original. He gained fame during his lifetime, including being commissioned to paint a picture for the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe the Beautiful. Bosch's work ranks among the art of the Dutch Primitives (Dutch painters active between 1420 and 1500). Most of the painter's compositions are populated by mysterious fantastic creatures with rich symbolism drawn from medieval art, the Renaissance, the occult and Eastern philosophy. The artist was a great inspiration for the Surrealists.

"Bosch and Another Renaissance"

The authors of the exhibition departed from the idea of creating a conventional monograph. They wanted to create a dialogue between Bosch's works and those of artists from other latitudes. Art fans may be surprised to discover connections between Bosch's art and works by Titian or El Greco. In addition to paintings, the creators of the exhibition show us sculptures, tapestries, manuscripts and objects taken out of the kunstkamera. The exhibition is the result of a five-year collaboration between embassies, museums, cultural institutes and collectors. Thanks to this cooperation, fans of Bosch's incredible imagination will be able to see, among others, a painting entitled "The Temptation of St Anthony" on loan from the Prado Museum "The Last Judgement" from the Groeningemuseum in Bruges and "The Hermit Triptych" from the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice. In addition, an unquestionable highlight of the event is the opportunity to see a series of 16th-century tapestries and cartoons inspired by the painter's work, brought from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Escorial Palace in Madrid.

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