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The Artbidy art gallery hides hundreds of unique, unique works, the great variety of which can surprise everyone who visits it. You will find works of contemporary and old art with us. The offer includes a wide selection of paintings by Polish and foreign artists, as well as photographs, sculptures, comics, posters of contemporary artists, jewelry, crafts, design, collectibles, collector's fashion and NFT art. We want our offer to reach the widest possible audience, which is why we are constantly expanding our activities, thanks to which, in addition to selling artworks, we also present historic real estate or vehicles in the gallery's offer. All offered objects have a unique character and soul, which are dedicated to equally extraordinary, future owners and art collectors.

Art gallery in Warsaw

You can view the selected artworks collected by us in the art gallery in Warsaw, but also from anywhere in the world and via any electronic device that you have at hand. All thanks to the fact that the objects from the foreign and Polish art market available with us - along with their authors, details and valuations - are available on our website. In the Artbidy online art gallery you will find the largest selection of works (Polish art classics, objects of contemporary art, collections of old art), classified in 20 thematic departments. For the last 8 years, original objects have been exhibited there every day. This is done by both collectors and the creators themselves, supported by our experienced crew, and even professional art dealers with whom we cooperate.

Art gallery available online

You can purchase any item from our gallery of contemporary, recent, old and other art fully online. Our online art gallery implements instant payments (PayU and PayPal), thanks to which buying artworks is quick and convenient, with the option of easy payment by card, BLIK or traditional transfer. What's more, you can order the purchased work with delivery to the indicated address or pick it up at the headquarters of the art gallery in Warsaw. These amenities are an expression of our concern for your comfort and the desire to make the entire procedure as easy as possible. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy your latest acquisition very quickly and exactly where you want it.

The operation of our art gallery is, of course, directed not only to potential buyers who are in love with art and appreciate its power, but also to sellers. We help not only interesting artists exhibiting their works (e.g. unique oil paintings), but also people who have collectibles or other objects for sale.

Our team of experienced experts offers comprehensive assistance in submitting artworks online. By turning to us, you can count on determining the period of creation of the work, as well as its author, if unknown. We will also assess the condition of the work and the potential valuation based on the collected data. At the end, together we will determine a sales mode that will suit you and we will promote this event on the art market. What's more, our holistic approach to transactions also guarantees photographing, describing and preparing documents confirming the authenticity of contemporary and old paintings and other forms of contemporary art and more.

An art gallery created with customer care in mind

When you decide to promote your art and sell your works through, you can be sure that you will get the highest possible profit and the finalization of the sale will go according to plan. Our online art gallery, together with the auction house, is one of the most visited websites in the world for the sale and promotion of art. Every day, is visited by tens of thousands of collectors who are absorbed in searching for artworks at new art auctions and in the painting gallery, where we present art classics and works of young talents. All this means that people selling objects are always satisfied with the cooperation with Artbidy and are happy to come back to us with new works.

Artbidy is not only a gallery of contemporary or old art. In 2013, we opened the world's first online auction house and since then we have been promoting Polish art and foreign works that reach as many people as possible from around the world. When running an art gallery, we want to construct an offer tailored to various types of recipients, and the use of modern technologies allows us to accept and fulfill orders regardless of where our client is located. See for yourself what a unique place our gallery of paintings, sculptures and collectibles is, and among its richness you will undoubtedly find something perfect for yourself.

What is an art gallery?

What is an art gallery? The art gallery gives you the opportunity to buy, sell and view works of e.g. Polish contemporary art, foreign collector's items and handicrafts of artists creating in various trends and using many techniques. A gallery works differently than a museum, where the exhibits are only displayed for viewing by visitors. The gallery connects those interested in art, collectors and other people who want to see famous paintings from years ago and valuable contemporary works, and ultimately - want to buy art to surround themselves with it at home. In its activities, Artbidy also supports willing people during the organization of exhibitions and auctions, including charity auctions, during which the profit from the sale of private works is allocated to the indicated charity. Each customer visiting the gallery receives comprehensive information on the technique used to create the work of interest to him, and on the principles of cooperation with our auction house. At Artbidy, we bring together lovers of various arts and styles. We enable each of them to commune with art both at organized permanent and temporary exhibitions, stationary and online, available from anywhere in the world.

How does an art gallery work?

How does the art gallery work? Artbidy presents the offer of contemporary painting, including works from artists from all over the world. Visitors to our site can participate in auctions and buy selected paintings, sculptures or posters in the online store. We also offer professional valuation services for paintings from our own collection, we establish the authorship of artworks and professionally prepare them for sale. We indicate the type of works accepted for auction in the description of each event. The picture gallery has e.g. contemporary works from the years 1945-2000 and the latest from the contemporary art market, which were created after 2000. In our gallery there is a wide range of works created by representatives of various trends and eras - so with high probability everyone will find something for themselves.

What artworks can be admired in the art gallery?

What artworks can be admired in the art gallery? The sale includes paintings painted with oil paints and watercolors on canvas, photographs, icons, comic books, graphics and sketches. Buyers will also find the largest selection of handicrafts: jewelery and collector's fashion, as well as silver and gold cutlery and thimbles, precious stones and valuable crafts. You can choose from works created by interesting modern artists, impressionists, representatives of cubism, fauvism, Art Deco and other trends. The available works also include woodcuts, tapestries, tapestries and other less popular forms of ancient, contemporary and recent art.

How to start cooperation with an art gallery?

You can start cooperation with an art gallery in two ways, depending on whether you are an artist or a collector. If you want to connect your future with art, show us your works, tell us about your inspirations and the techniques you use. By getting to know you better, we can establish a long and successful cooperation. If you want to sell or show works from your collection, show them to us and we will make a professional valuation. We can prepare them for an auction or display them in a store. We will also help you prepare professional exhibitions so that your talent will be known to a wide audience from the country and the world. We provide support at every stage of cooperation. We provide professional advice and help to conduct successful transactions between sellers and buyers of works from private collections. Our art gallery guarantees full discretion if the client wants to remain anonymous to people participating in the auction or visiting the exhibition.

Art gallery - what is its function?

The main function of an art gallery is to present the works of foreign and Polish artists to a wide audience. With the help of the gallery, artists, collectors and art lovers connect with each other and meet at various exhibitions, auctions and online. The gallery serves to promote art and present classic and modern techniques of creation. On her website you can also find advice on the conservation and storage of works. In addition, entries on different art styles allow her to better understand and meet more artists. Thanks to this, the knowledge about culture is broadened and the art audience's ability to interpret it develops.

Can I return a purchased artworks?

The purchase of a work in an art gallery takes place on the terms described in art. 27 of the Act on Consumer Rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended). Can I return a purchased artworks? Artwork can be returned for any reason after purchase online. In the case of stationary purchases and prior inspection of the work, returns are not accepted. The return is possible up to 14 days after the sale. The buyer bears only the costs of possible shipment of the returned work back to the auction house. He is obliged to properly protect the work so that it is not damaged in transport. He is not required to justify the reason for the return. At any time, the customer can purchase a different painting, poster or sculpture, if the item selected online did not match the interior or was made using a different technique than the buyer expected. The art gallery is obliged to accept the work, regardless of its value, and return the money to the client as soon as possible. It is the customer's responsibility to return the work in an undamaged condition as it was on the day of purchase. Damage caused by the buyer does not constitute grounds for a refund.